The Venue Shoppes Near to Potong Pasir MRT Station Jui Residences

Living off in an home that someone can actually call his home is any person dream out there. Luxury is part of human life and any person who works very hard in life will ultimately have some of the basic luxuries that people usually have in the life we live in today. The venue shoppes is one such luxuries real estates projects that has not only raised and catched the eye of most people who would in any way come to provide something good for the people in place to actually have complete look off in the manner in which they live their live outside there. This is very luxurious real estate project located within the serene environments of the place we are in. We always make good provisions for the people to over their services out there.

Overall, JUI building complex offers their residents a cool and serene living environment; not to mention that this is a highly secure area. This entire establishment can be found in District 12, in Potong Pasir, Singapore and the land it was built on used to be owned by NAWC which stands for the National Aerated Water Company.

This location is your ideal living spot because it is rich in plenty of things like culture, history, and beauty.

The Venue Shoppes Near to Potong Pasir MRT Station

Being in local locations of the upper Serangoon road and Macpherson road,the venue that we people have put in place to actually make total reinvigorate the surrounding estate we live in place for. We provide very much luxurious facilities within our midsts for sale and for commercial rental purposes out there. We retail at an affordable cost and will always be in position to carry out luxury. We provide very greenry environment to our clients who are interested in having or doing business with our fraternity out there. Our trees have been shoved to ensure that at whatever the cost all our clients enjoys off very serene environment as you enter the environment.We have Asoka and Saga trees that also form very stunning rows of very green along the walkway path for the people concerned out there. The Venue Shoppes is located near to Potong Pasir MRT and is a short walk away from Jui Residences at Potong Pasir MRT Station Moonstone Lane.

The Venue Shoppes Near Jui Residences

The kind of showcase we have in place are of their own ways and is said to be of very good dealerships out there. we have venues shops that offers some 28 retails units with the size that can be said to be in the range between 28 and 121 square metres. These local units are said to have common locations in the ground floor with very full height glass windows that will let in common natural light and add to the attractive street frontage.

Jui Residences Freehold Condo Potong Pasir MRT Station

Our luxurious apartment will commonly open the door you have to very new opportunities within your common midst, with surrounding area of such potong we are certainly sure that everything you do will come to pass and reach the desirable audience out there who would like to be mentioned out there for the common purpose

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