St. Andrews Junior College Educational Institution At Jui Condo

New-age learning is more than just a class experience. It is preparing the future leaders, writers, inventors and scientists to develop as a remarkable individual with great team work capabilities. St. Andrews Junior College combines academic excellence with an international, multicultural, and innovative learning approach that helps prepare the students for real life challenges and breakthroughs. The development is near to Jui Residences Condo which is the former National Aerated Water Company.

St. Andrews Junior College Educational Institution

Co-curricular activities play an integral part in personality building. St. Andrews Junior College has always focused on developing the non-academic skills of its students along with instilling academic prowess. There are also a number of College Societies. These include Model United Nations, Sports and Fitness society, Debate and Mentoring society, Outdoor adventure clubs, AVA club, Students council and advocates. These also include Cultural societies, particularly Malay, Indian and Chinese Cultural society. The college has club societies; concert band, Chinese orchestra, dance society, drama society, choirs, and guitar ensemble to hone students with artistic skills and creative energy to make their mark in the world.Remarkable achievements in all co-curricular platforms showcase the brilliant mentorship of students in the realm of creativity and non-academic learning.

St. Andrews Junior College Beside Jui Residences

At St. Andrews Junior College, sports get special emphasis. Students can take part in a wide array of sports; tennis, badminton, Frisbee, football, rugby, basketball, hockey, netball, bowling, water polo and canoeing. The students of the college excel in sports. The college’s rugby team in particular has held highest winning record in the sport since its commencement.

Jui Residences Freehold Condo

The students of St. Andrews Junior College are offered immersion trips to various parts of the world to promote practical learning of different world cultures. These constitute the immersion trips and programs for overseas learning. The college has also been an active participant in many international and cultural festivals where its students have received endearing comments for their performances.

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