Potong Pasir Town Near to Jui Residences Singapore

Now considering Singapore is a one-party dominant country, Potong Pasir which is one of its single member constituencies, had been remarkably led by the opposition for close to three decades (1984-2011). However, the ward is now currently represented by Sitoh Yih Pin, a member of parliament from People’s Action Party (PAP) which has been Singapore’s ruling party since 1959.

Well, in the early 20th century, Potong Pasir was just a large landmass covered with quite a number of sand quarries. This aspect is what earned the area the name potong pasir which translates to cut sand’ in Malay. Four ponds connected to Kallang River, Singapore’s longest river, emerged as a result of the mining activities. The ponds in turn became a source of food for the locals before pollution contaminated them. 1177 Serangoon Road Condo by Selangor Dredging is located right next to Potong Pasir Town.

The residence is also near The Poiz Centre, a known shopping mall in the country. Additionally, there are five schools nearby, one of which is the Stamford American International School.

It is a freehold development that comes with 88,705 square feet of gross floor area with approximately 117 units.

Potong Pasir Town Beside Jui Residences Singapore

Other than mining, the locals practiced farming as well with cultivation going back as early as the 19th century. The farmers, who were mostly Cantonese, used traditional methods which had favorable outcomes as by the mid-21st century, Potong Pasir was one of the major farming areas. Watercress was the staple vegetable grown with some few areas growing coconut palms. Nevertheless, it was not all roses and rainbows as the area would constantly flood, had poor roads and most farmers couldn’t afford to buy land so they leased it from the government. But between 1950 and 1970 notable changes occurred including the construction of an educational facility and bridges across the remaining two ponds, use of electricity and piped water. During this time, the government began acquiring land for massive development and the farmers had no choice but to move.

Potong Pasir Town Jui Residences

The 1980s had the attap houses replaced by constructed blocks whose sloping roofs are until today a sort of symbol for Potong Pasir. Politically, as stated earlier, the area had long been managed by Chiam See Tong of the Singapore’s Peoples Party (SPP) which is part of Singapore Democratic Alliance. The People’s Action Party (PAP) tried severally to remove Chiam from office without success. 2011 however saw a win for PAP after Sitoh Yih Pin, who had previously lost twice to Chiam, defeated Chiam’s wife Lina Loh. Lina decided to vie after her husband forwent the 2011 elections.

Potong Pasir Town Beside 1177 Serangoon Road Property

Education wise, Potong Pasir is well covered as it has a number of schools from the St Andrew’s group of schools. These are namely St Andrew’s Junior School (SAJS), St Andrew’s Secondary School (SASS) and last but not least St Andrew’s Junior College. The three schools are members of the St Andrew’s Village, officially opened in 2006 after many renovations, expansions and constructions aimed to bring the schools back to Potong Pasir. Students that study or studied here are commonly referred to as saints.

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