National Aerated Water Company Jui Residences

The National Aerated water company, a brainchild of of Shing Min, Cheng Sze Boo and Tan Kah Woo came into being in the mid-1920s. At the time the market was majorly dominated by Fraser and Neave a once printing company that had decided to diversify and venture in the soft drinks sector in 1883.Also a new player Phoenix Aerated Water Works was venturing into the market with bold new ideas.

National Aerated Water Company

The company faced really tough times, more so during the Second World War. At their present location for National Aerated Water Company, Moonstone lane, after moving from their original home ground, Hamilton Road (the move initiated so they could be able to double in sales) they struggled to go by with limited sugar, the main raw material for the overall production. With a workforce of 20 they were able to pull through the dark war period and for a time it seemed their luck was taking somewhat of a turnabout. Jui Residences is by SDB International and is located near to 1177 Serangoon Road.

Jui Residences Former National Aerated Water Company

Three year later after the war the company took on the image of a private limited company and in 1952 secured manufacturing and distribution rights of Sinalco, a product of Sinalco international a company based in Germany. The drink itself being an instant hit in Germany coming only third to Fanta and Sprite did not surprise when it was so warmly adopted into the Malaya and Singapore market.
Sinalco was doing so good for the National Aerated water company that they went on to open a subsidiary plat in Petalia Jaya, Kuala Lumpur with a production rate of 600,00 bottles a month. More to the point on how good they were performing over 1.3 million bottles were being consumed by the people of Malaya and Singapore.

National Aerated Water Company 1177 Serangoon Road

So what next after all this success? The company went on to diversify their product variety and by the eighties introduced popular brand the likes of Fanta ,Kickapoo and Singacol to the list. Sadly though it was all downhill from this point and by the nineties the doors were shut.

Their Moonstone Lane sight being sold recently to a private developer it seems we have seen the last of a once great empire.

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