Geylang BTO by HDB near to Jui Residences

Jui Residences is another freehold development positioned at the Serangoon through Malaysian developer going by the name Selangor Dredging Berhad. When the bids when launched, there was a bid of $ 47million to make it one top expensive development within the area. Jui Residences was known as National Aerated Water Company formerly since they will manufacture and distributorship of common soda drinks like Sinalco and Kickapoo. In the process, the additional $ 2.7 million was also paid as a way of developing zones and paths making a residential area from an industrial. Geylang BTO will be launching soon in Nov 2017.

These condominiums have something for each member of your family. For example, men can socialize over a BBQ event while kids can play and have fun in the swimming pool and women can enjoy a therapeutic shopping spree at the best commercial outlets in the area. Imagine you could have all these facilities at a walking distance. In other words, you will save your resources such as money and time because there will be no need to travel to some other places in order to arrive at your favorite places.

Geylang BTO Near to Jui Residences

Jui Residences will have some of the top shopping outlets thus making it among the remarkable places for those people good shopping experience that includes Venue Shoppers. The residents will never have to spend too much money since they will have just to walk whenever they are moving from one point to another. Jui Residences Geylang BTO is a HDB Estate that is close to the Geylang Estate.

Jui Residences Geylang HDB BTO at Serangoon

Jui Residences has fantastic social amenities that will make residents happy. You will have some of the top places for the residents thus enabling you and your family members to enjoy these social amenities to the people. Some of the best social facilities are a secured security system, good tennis playing area, modern swimming pool, new indoor classic gym and a BBQ area.

HDB BTO Geylang Sales Launch

Some of the schools within the area are Standford American International, Cedar Girls Secondary and St. Andrew’s Junior College Schools thus enabling your kids to have quality education. The kids will have an easy time thus saving time and money due to the close proximity to the remarkable residential area. Its close proximity to the main CBD thus making best residential places thus residing when one is willing to save both time and money when traveling.

In conclusion, this review of Jui Residences should enable one to buy this residential area thus living peacefully with members of the family.

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